Why is Substance Abuse a Mental Health Problem in the Treatment Program in Arizona?

July 9, 2008

When you read through the addiction treatment program in Arizona as outlined on the state health website, you will find out that addiction is considered as a mental health issue in the state. This is a very significant perspective on substance abuse, primarily because until a few years ago, substance abuse in Arizona was merely a habit that could not be shaken off. Today, the mental aspect of the disease is being emphasized quite a bit. This is much evident in the counseling approach to substance abuse treatment in Arizona.

Even though the patient may have undergone a detox program in Arizona, the treatment never stops there. The patient is always referred to an aftercare program in an outpatient center or in a residential treatment program in Arizona where among other things, the patient is mentally equipped to stay away from the addiction. This is because substance abuse is now right there, with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

If you see the dual diagnosis approach at treatment in Arizona, you will understand this better. This form of treatment is definitely coming to the fore, because it helps treatment providers to tackle the issues of addiction and mental illnesses simultaneously. These are considered as coexisting conditions that can influence each other and hence need a single form of treatment. There is also great emphasis on the fact that the temptation for addiction is created in the mind and it is sustained in the mind too. For all these reasons, it is quite understandable why addiction is considered a mental illness in the state program.


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