Why choose only a Qualified Treatment Program for Drug Addiction in Louisiana?

June 18, 2008

You will find both qualified and nonqualified programs for addiction treatment in Louisiana. The nonqualified programs are much more in number than the qualified ones, and for that reason, you may lean towards selecting a nonqualified treatment program. The nonqualified programs may also seem more enticing because they use organic methods for treatment, including herbal methods for detox and meditative therapies for relapse prevention. Also, since most nonqualified programs are housed in treatment centers that resemble vacation resorts, people do tend to think that these programs will make a good choice for them.

But, it is important to know that the nonqualified programs for drug treatment in Louisiana are just as strenuous as the qualified treatment programs. They are certainly not a walk in the park because they also need the patient to follow several rules for the treatment. That brings us to think: if there is no difference in the severity between a qualified and a nonqualified treatment program in Louisiana, which one must be chosen?

The better choice is definitely the qualified treatment program. These programs are qualified because the state and the federal governments have certified them to be viable modes of treatment. Hence, you can be more assured of success with these programs. Also, the chances that you will be covered for a qualified program are greater, because insurance companies do not want to consider the nonqualified treatment programs which they consider as high risk programs.

You must keep such points in mind when you are stuck in choosing between a qualified and nonqualified treatment program in Louisiana. You can certainly ask a counselor to help you out.


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