What to remember when looking for a Rehab Center for Heroin Treatment in Arkansas?

June 22, 2008

Heroin addiction is a very strong form of addiction and its treatment option must be chosen with utmost care. A normal rehab center may not be equipped or licensed to deal with heroin addiction treatment. Hence, when you are looking for a heroin rehab in Arkansas, one of your primary intentions should be to find a treatment center that is specially licensed for heroin addiction treatment. You need to check out their qualifications. They must be licensed to conduct heroin treatment in Arkansas and must have a licensing authorizing them to carry out a heroin detox. In addition, the treatment staff must also be qualified. Ideally, they must be qualified through the American Society of Addiction Medicine and must have experience in dealing with heroin addiction treatment before.

The next thing that you have to find out is what treatment approach they will be using. Most centers for heroin addiction treatment in Arkansas use methadone treatment. Though this has been going on since thirty years now, it is essential to remember that methadone treatment needs special care and attention. The drug is as powerful an opioid as heroin itself. So, if the treatment center is using methadone, you have to assure yourself that they have the necessary expertise and qualification for this kind of treatment. The other option is buprenorphine treatment which is done on an outpatient basis.

Heroin treatment is different from all other forms of drug rehab in Arkansas, in that it is more extensive and has a lengthier aftercare program. Discuss the entire scope of the program with a representative before you plan on enrolling the patient into the program.


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