What Does The Aftercare Of A Detox Program For Drug Treatment In Vermont Do?

August 5, 2008

More than the detox program itself, it is the aftercare that is important in the addiction treatment program in Vermont. Detoxification in Vermont is merely a method of cleansing the body of the patient from the addiction. This is quite necessary too, but what the aftercare does is more important. It helps the patient’s mind to be cleansed from the craving for the substance in question. This is what really helps the patient to come out of the temptation for the substance and thus become addiction-free.

After a detox treatment in Vermont, the patient will be recommended to a suitable aftercare program. This aftercare program can be conducted in either an outpatient setting (if the patient’s withdrawal has been quite mild and the addiction itself has not been so intense) or in a residential treatment program (if the person’s addiction was strong and there was a strong withdrawal during the detox).

Though the actual manner in which each treatment center in Vermont will implement their detox programs is different from each other, there are some common patterns.

All these programs try to bring the person out of the cravings for the substance. They might use counseling as well as medication for this purpose. Counseling mostly tries to remove the emotional issues in the person’s mind that might be keeping them in the addiction, while the medication helps them to maintain their recovery process. The medication is planned such that as long as the person takes the medication, a craving for the substance will not be felt.


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