Method of Working of a Rehab Program for Addiction Treatment in Nevada

June 15, 2008

Every alcohol and drug rehab in Nevada works in a different manner and they provide different facilities and services to their patients, but there are definitely points of similarity in the way of their working. Rehab stands for rehabilitation. It is a method for rehabilitating people who are under drug or alcohol addiction and bringing them to a normal healthy life of sobriety. People who are under various degrees of addiction are getting themselves treated in some or the other rehab center in Nevada.

The first part of the program of rehabilitation in Nevada is a pretreatment analysis where the person’s condition is analyzed for physical and mental conditions. During this process a battery of tests are conducted to find out what kind of treatment would be suitable for the patient. This is the decider for the next part of the treatment, which is the detoxification program.

The detoxification treatment in Nevada lasts for three to seven days normally, but if the addiction is stronger, like that of methamphetamine then it can go on to up to three weeks even. During this process, the person is medically treated to remove the toxins from the body that may have accumulated during the addicted phase of the person’s life. This part of the treatment is carried out under strict medical supervision and medication is provided to help the patient fact the withdrawal in a better way.

The third part of the treatment is the aftercare program. Here the patient is educated about the addiction and is counseled on how to keep away from getting re-addicted to the substance. The family is also counseled during this part of the treatment.


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