How does Rehab Treatment in Iowa for Alcohol Addiction work?

July 6, 2008

Though there are different centers for alcohol treatment in Iowa and each of these centers employs a different kind of treatment, it is noteworthy to see that the basic format of treatment is the same. There are same basic steps followed in all the different formats of alcohol addiction treatment in Iowa.

The treatment begins with helping the patient come out of his or her denial. In most cases, the patient will already be out of denial when he or she is brought into treatment, but in rare cases, the patient will relapse into the denial when the treatment is about to begin. In that case, it falls upon the treatment center to help the patient out of denial. Any treatment center in Iowa will use the agency of the patient’s family to help him or her come out of this denial.

This is followed by a pretreatment analysis where the patient is analyzed for internal conditions with a battery of tests. This helps the treatment providers to decide what kind of detox treatment must be used for the patient.

The detox follows. Alcohol detox in Iowa can take as less as three days sometimes, though in some cases, it can go up to seven days. But it hardly lasts more than that. The main focus here is to help the patient to come out of the withdrawal that alcohol abstinence causes.

Once the detox is over, i.e. all the withdrawal effects that it can cause have been looked into, the patient will be led into an aftercare program in either an outpatient treatment center or a residential treatment center, depending on what kind of withdrawal the person has experienced.


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